Tulsi Body Oil


Tulsi also know as Holy Basil is from the basil family but has different consitituents that culinary basil has let it to sit with the other medicinal herbs in the apothecary.

Tulsi is a promoter of longevity and known for being a great protector, both spiritually and physically. Tulsi has many heath benefits including repairing damage done from free radicals, numerous skin benefits and assisting with the body’s internal housekeeping.

Adaptogens are a classification of herbs that help assist the body during periods of stress, loss, change, and anxiety. In a body oil Tulsi acts as a shield and protector for the nerves, it lowers cortisol and I love to visualize it doing just this as I use it.


Tulsi (holy basil), avocado oil

Available in 8oz bottles

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