St.John’s Wort Oil


This beautiful, vivid oil is an absolute powerhouse in all the realms! If you look at the leaves they form a perfect cross, which the doctrine of signatures would suggest makes it a protective plant!

When used as an oil and absorbed through the skin, it does not act on the liver but focuses its action on mending skin conditions, nerve pain and damage, acne, psoriasis, arthritis, varicose veins, sciatica, sprains, growing pains, shingles, burns and minor wounds. 

You can tell just by looking at this plant that it hold a lot of power! Historically SJW was woven into wreaths, talismans, amulets and hung over doorways and mantles to dispel evil. 

It blooms right around the summer solstice and gained much of its fame when it was discovered as an alternative to pharmaceuticals to help with depression. SJW is said to capture the suns energy and can help dispel melancholy, SAD, and the winter blues. It’s sunshine in a bottle! I have found it to be such a powerful plant ally for the long and cold northern climate where we lack sunshine on our skin for at least a half a year! 

This SJW is in the top ten herbs used in Western Herbal Medicine! This is only touching the surface of the benefits and gifts of this plant. It only comes around once a year so when its gone, its gone! (Until next year ;))

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