Evergreen Intelligence


The vibration of trees are slow, patient, wise and deeply anchored in the earth. They teach us about balance and that both the light and dark have a role to play. They are ruled by Saturn, who teaches lessons through time and leaves his mark through the rings in the trunks. 🌲 As the cold season is very much upon us here, bringing the wisdom and teachings of evergreens into your life through a regular body oiling practice you invite resilience and suit up in armour to face the darker days ahead while absorbing the gifts of green.

A deep, woodsy body oil featuring the grand evergreen teachers of the forest including the incomparable South American Copaiba essential oil known for its work on the endocannabinoid system, treating anxiety and chronic pain.

It’s forest bathing in a bottle.


Grand fir, Blue Spruce, Avocado oil, essential oils of copaiba, juniper berry, cedar wood.


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